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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 100% rust proof?
    • Every single part of your drain cover is made of rust proof materials.
    • Aluminum rivets assemblies.
    • No steel bolt or nut.
  • “Vehicle” Drain cover Resistance?
    • Easily supports a fully loaded SUV.
    • Easily supports an empty class 6 truck.
    • Highest standards in the industry.
  • Paint specifications?
    • Powder Coat applied by Electrostatic Spray Deposition (ESD)
    • Will not rip
    • Eco-friendly ❀
  • Delivery time?
    • Shipped via Canada Posts within a few days for 19 ⅜” x 25 ⅜“ drain covers.
    • 3-4 weeks for a custom drain cover.
    • You will receive “tracking number” by email.
  • Retractable handle
    • Easy and safe to handle the drain cover.
    • 1 is included.
    • 2 retractable handles: contact-us.
  • Is it safe for the kids?
    • All edges and holes are manufactured to ensure a “no-cut” policy.
    • Water evac holes are Punched / Laser cutted, both ensuring a high level of safety.
  • Needed information for a quote?
    • Your name
    • Drain cover(s) measurements
    • “Vehicle” resistance or “Pedestrian” resistance
  • Standard Dimensions?
    • 19 ⅜” x 25 ⅜“ | 49.2 cm x 64.5 cm

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