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Standard sump covers are 19 3/8 x 25 3/8 inches in size. Available in a 3/8 “thick (7/16” for DTP surface) reinforced version with riveted strips, the Dragar drains covers will support the passage and weight of your vehicle without cracking or breaking. 1 handle is included for free, to help you move the drain cover by distributing weight to the ground when lifting it.

The 3/16″ thick (1/4″ for DTP surface) standard pedestrian version drain plate provides adequate strength to support your light residential equipment.


If your garage sump is built to specific dimensions or you have a cavity to cover, our custom-made drains covers are available to you. Entirely hand-crafted using aeorspace quality processes, these unique drain covers provide peace of mind in terms of safety while enhancing the aesthetics of the room where they are.

These custom covers are available for surface areas ranging from 36 to 1276 square inches. We can build plates of all shapes.

Our innovative products for your garage drain are made of aluminum and have stainless steel retractable handles. Our Drain Covers are distinguished by exceptional aesthetics, 100% rust resistance and long-term durability.

  • RivetingAluminum riveting, as used in the aerospace sector, offers much greater strength than aluminum welding. This process allows us to take advantage of the many advantages of aluminum without compromising strength.
  • The weight resistance of our standard reinforced product is 2800 lbs (1270kg)A typical truck, with a rear load, weighs about 1800lbs (820 kg) per wheel. Our drain covers easily support this load.
  • Load at break of 33Kpo²Tested with a tensile test that measures the degree of tensile strength of a material.
  • Brinell hardness BHN = 60The Brinell scale measures the hardness of materials, by compressing a ball on the material that one wants to test.
  • 28 Kpo² elastic limitThe elastic limit is the stress from which a material stops deforming in an elastic, reversible manner and thus begins to irreversibly deform.
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Contact us at any time for adjustments or, although this has not happened in 15 years, for a return of standard products.

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